Thursday, 24 May 2012

A note to anyone who buys KNOWLEDGE IS POWER VOL1

First of all thanks for the support, I hope your well?

Pls read the following and tell any of your friends that buy the mixtape so
they understand.

The only place you will be able to get legitimate physical copies of
Knowledge Is Power Vol 1 is from when you buy your
copy you will receive a link to download a free bonus disk. However you can
also buy the tape on iTunes etc.

PLS NOTE: The download version that is on itunes etc has 4 less tracks that
the physical cd but if you email your receipt when you buy the download to you will receive the 4 extra tracks and the bonus disc
download as well.
I hope that is clear??

Posted via email from AKALA


  1. I haven't received the download link as of yet even though i sent the email a while ago has everyone else received it?

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    3. I've just bought the album and haven't received the download link yet how long did it take for you?

    4. Has anyone actually received the bonus tracks?
      I sent a mail asking if anyone was on the other end because looking at the messages here, NOBODY has been sent the bonus tracks!

      That was several months ago!

      SO, does anyone know how you can get the bonus tracks?
      Akala: Is the email address actually being monitored? Meaning my mail was ignored or missed?

      I really want those bonus tracks :P

  2. I have a lot of respect for Akala as a lyrical artist. However, I just bought two of the albums at full price from Hmv (Freedom lasso)and(Double think)and I was blown away by the lyrical content but so disappointed with the music. Every artist has a right to make music that He/She likes but I also believe that they also have a responsibility to be conscious of their audience. I was expecting deep soul melodies, old school Rythym & blues or maybe even a little jazz something that speakes to the heart. Don't get me wrong there a few okay songs on each album but the majority of the technical sound is just noise to me. Lastly I feel like the content is so powerful that the deliverance should not be as rushed as its easy to lose the message from Akala's story telling. Again I do deeply respect and love what he represents, he's very talented and I will definitely have a listen to the mix tape.

  3. Just wanted to ask how long it takes to receive the extra tracks. I sent the iTunes receipt email on 17th July and a reminder email on 19th July but I haven't received any correspondence yet.
    Please could you look into this.



  4. has anyone received the bonus tracks yet for knowledge is power? i just bought it and i haven't received the tracks yet and i already emailed my receipt.

  5. I never received the bonus tracks or even a response from the email. Can you address this please?